Disease in a breeze
By Vatsal Nath
¦ News from across our knowledge ¦ Covid 19 is the current pandemic ¦ Globalisation helps disease spread ¦ Stay at home and keep safe! ¦ The Biggest cause of death is dying ¦ HIV/AIDS is currently the biggest/most infectious disease ¦ Almost all diseases come from other animals , as the diseases we carry we are used too ¦ I am a boss ¦ xolyon made this website :) ¦ the common cold is the most infectious disease , infecting all adults 10 times on avg in a year ¦ vaccine are a ectremely effective way to prvent disease ¦ bacteria anti-boitic resitance is rising ¦ Phages are a great alternitive to anti boitics ¦ B E A N S ¦ ha ha ha ha pranav looks like a satnav ¦ Due to quarntine , robberies and traffic jams have greatly reduced and the death star is now visible ¦ cars cause 100% of of car crashes ¦ living has a 100% mortality rate ¦ life can be considered a disease ¦ I should shut up now


Because china is "communist" and totaliterian they had the power and authority and quickly shut down , priortising public health over liberties. If this is correct is debatable


The disease started in Wuhan china due to unhygenic market conditions and poor overseeing of the situation

The disease vibes in the lungs were it tricks an confuses cells causing damage ,it spreads by coughing

once the leading party are weakend the rebel bacteria roll in like they own the place but just destroy it and then the lung dies

there is currently no cure : (

the covid19 virus


The disease spreads to you through entry points in your face

it usally chills in the lungs but cuz you brethe it ends up outside and infecting others (and a bit in your throat which is how testing is done) , when you breathe it can end up bing 8m in front of you

it can't last a long time without a host so it is believed it lasts around 2 days on surfaces (though research is being done so this figure may change

even if someone has it on them if they don't touch their face and wash thoughrly when they return home then they wouldn't get infected

What it does to your body

Like any other virus it attachs it sef to you and inserts its DNA inside you. then starts turning over tge functions of that cell to produce more virus's and process repeats until it takes the whole lung

Tehn the cornoa pulls a sneaky and infects your immune system causing confusion and the big boi nutrophile are basically suicide bomber (They legit commit suicide) and bomb the f*ck out of your lungs causing the most damage

its usally what the cornoavirus lets in thhe absecene of the immune system which will harm you most

Covid meme 1 Covid meme 2 Covid meme 3 Ha HA


Symptoms include


Well this basically relates to transmission and applies to basically all pathogens:

but yeah for extremem measures entire countries have to be shut down but for most cases just don't touch your face , be wary of people and wash your hands


there is currently not much , just have faith and attach a ventiltor for boosted survival chances


The virus can kill you (easily) if your lungs are already damaged and fragile (smokers , elderly) but the main way it kills you is once the virus is gone the bacteria walks in like it owns the place and starts messing with your wekend immunse system rhen you get pnuemonia and die

Lol just watch this it explains it better


advice for public
Structure of virus (possible outdated now)
Stability of virus

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