Disease in a breeze
By Vatsal nath
¦ News from across our knowledge ¦ Covid 19 is the current pandemic ¦ Globalisation helps disease spread ¦ Stay at home and keep safe! ¦ The Biggest cause of death is dying ¦ HIV/AIDS is currently the biggest/most infectious disease ¦ Almost all diseases come from other animals , as the diseases we carry we are used too ¦ I am a boss ¦xolyon made this website :) ¦ the common cold is the most infectious disease , infecting all adults 10 times on avg in a year ¦ vaccine are a ectremely effective way to prvent disease ¦ bacteria anti-boitic resitance is rising ¦ Phages are a great alternitive to anti boitics ¦ B E A N S ¦ ha ha ha ha pranav looks like a satnav ¦ Due to quarntine , robberies and traffic jams have greatly reduced and the death star is now visible ¦ cars cause 100% of of car crashes ¦ living has a 100% mortality rate ¦ life can be considered a disease ¦ I should shut up now


Human malaria likely originated in Africa and coevolved with its hosts, mosquitoes and other animals. Malaria is divided into primate, rodent, bird, and reptile host lineages which means they can each spread the disease to other people

It's also been known about / existed for most of human history as even the name has historical meaning (malaria and miasma meaning bad air, a common though of what casued disease back in the day)


The disease has been around for about as long as humans it seems

It is spread by mosquitos

The maleria vibes inthe body and once it reaches the liver it has a feast and hides in its cells and spreads though out the body

There is a contreversial vaccine penty fo rygs and new medication like hyper parasites and genetic mosquitos (more preveention)

the covid19 virus


Malaria is transmitted by infected mosquitoes that are carrying the malaria parasite. When they bite you, the parasite enters your bloodstream, then it is carried to the liver where it will start multiplying.

They need to reproduce and it gets onto other mosquitos when they bite a maleria infected person

What it does to your body

It does some meduka damage , then it goes to the liver (vital organ) and goes rambo mode and like a pyscho path it puts on the skin/membrane of the dead liver cells over it so it's not detected and can avoid the detection of the police (immune system)

sneaky murderous boi

It then proceeds this across the whole body and the body reacts heavily causing diahrore blood shot eyes etc and the reaction is so bad you eventually die from loss of fluid or if it gets to ur brain ur fucked

The blood and all is the body expanding the supply routes (blood) so your immune system can reach it quicker but this can work back against it


Once malaria parasites enters your body its dormant for a long time, the symptoms will appear within 10 days- 4 weeks of the parasite entering, with a chance of it not appearing for months. There are multiple symptoms that include:


When going to a country with malaria, to avoid getting it , you should do these following things:

but yeah for extremem measures entire countries have to be shut down but for most cases just don't touch your face , be wary of people and wash your hands


Antimalaral drugs are usally good - there are two reliable types (there is more but they kinda dodgy), these however are more preventive than anytthing else as they stop the maleria during tere reproductive stage in the liver basically giving enough time for the immune system to catch up

as well as drugs there are also hyper-protists/parasites (yes the parasite of parasites) currently there is a search to find one to tackle malaria but its a new concept and saftey is questionioned

Another solotion well under way is genetic engineering to stop mosquitos spreading it (they don't like it ither) however then maleria could just find another bug smh


Once it comes out of the liver and the body doesnt detect it it moves and repeats the processin the liver its game over and ver slowly your body will be degydrated and die , once it gets in ur brain u can get a com(m)a and die

Lol just watch this it explains it better


Genetic engineeering

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